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To any seasoned observer of the Karabakh conflict, this is a misreading of the Armenian position. As far as the Armenians are concerned, possession of the ancient land of Karabakh is a far greater prize than the offer of Azerbaijani riches, which may run out within a couple of decades. Besides, Armenians would argue, Armenia is a far stronger state than it was 20 years ago, is as wealthy as Georgia in GDP-per capita terms, and can still rely on strong diaspora support to bail it out in a crisis. A small de facto Armenian statelet now exists in Nagorno-Karabakh itself that gets more entrenched as the years pass, and in which most people under 30 have never met an Azerbaijani. This being case, it would surely make sense for the Azerbaijani government to spend its massive oil and gas revenues on a peace settlement, rather than waiting several more years for a better deal.


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